What We Do

The Center engages in action-research projects with institutional, community, and student leadership involved in initiatives undertaken to advance full participation and public problem solving.  Our collaborative projects and networks develop actionable knowledge, expand organizational capacities, support broader policy change, and increase collective impact.

The Center helps individuals and institutions figure out what full participation looks like in their settings and how they can catalyze change needed to advance toward that vision.  We bring a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to this work, through strategic visioning and inquiry, multi-method research, institutional capacity building, systems-level assessment, and education. Read More...

Our Approach

More than fifty years after Brown v. Board of Education, many individuals and communities are not yet full participants in the institutions that define social and economic citizenship.  Their remediation requires operating both deeply within particular contexts and broadly across contexts, to enable the reworking of the environmental conditions and incentives that shape internal practices.

Multi-dimensional problems require multi-dimensional solutions.  The Center provides sustained multi-level, systems change strategies that connect and support the multi-level interventions needed to change day-to-day practice, culture, and policy.

New Partnership to Sponsor and Organize Spring 2014 Events Series

The Center for Institutional and Social Change is pleased to be partnering with Professor Lalitha Vasudevan and the Youth, Media and Educational Justice Consortium at Teachers College to host a series of interactive reentry and education events during the spring semester of 2014. These events are co-supported by the Center and the Teachers College Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs' Grant for Diversity & Community Initiatives. Stay tuned to our website for more information as details about upcoming events become available.

Aviva Tevah, NYREN Coordinator at the Center, Honored with College Initiative's Institutional Partner Award

Aviva Tevah, the New York Reentry Education Network Coordinator at the Center for Institutional and Social Change, received the 2013 Institutional Partner Award from College Initiative, along with Francis Torres, Executive Director of Educational Services at the NYC Department of Correction, and Angela Tolosa, former Assistant Commissioner at the NYC Department of Correction (Ms. Tolosa now works for the Council of State Government's Justice Center). Learn more about College Initiative.

Susan Sturm, Director of the Center, Honored at the Hudson Link Spring Benefit Dinner

Susan Sturm, the founding director of the Center for Institutional and Social Change, received the Bill Webber Award for Community Service, given each year to individuals who reach out with compassionate care to those members of society who have been disenfranchised.  Learn more about Hudson Link and the Bill Webber Award.